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Patchlog 1.2: Pre-Season

Patch 1.2 includes new game content such as Battle Royal and more. General improvements have also been made to the game.

New: Battle Royal
- Battle Royal is a player vs. player PvP mode
- You can find the NPC in Flaris at the Guild War NPC's
- Minimum number of players for the Battle Royal is 3
- The preparation time is 3 minutes.
- Duration of the fight 20 minutes
- You can win Red Chips, which will become even more important for guilds in the next patches.
- Application: See below

New: New low-level jewellery sets have been added
- Yvo's Tank Set
- Saethe's 1on1 Set
- Vue's Cast Set
- Speedo's Range Set
- The corresponding information where you can drop these sets and which effects they bring can be found in the wiki or in the teleporter.

New: Worldboss Rework
- From now on Worlbosse spawn at different times of the day during the week, the times can be seen in the table below.
- World bosses only drop NPC weapons and other items from the general droppool
- Players who are currently making the Worldboss will get a guaranteed drop directly into their inventory, depending on how much damage they have done and if the Worldboss has been killed.
- All world bosses include a unique 6 hour serverbuff.
- If the Worldboss has not been attacked within one hour, he will change his position.
- If no player kills the Worldboss within 2 hours, he will disappear and you will have to wait again.
- Other information about the radius in which the Worldboss spawns can also be found in the teleporter.

New, Change: Gear Score
- The Gear Score has been completely reworked and rebelanced

How to get Gear Score?
- You can already get Gear Score by leveling and distributing status points.
- CS Pets have 0 Gear Score by default, but as soon as you supply them with beads they get more Gear Score
- The so-called eat pets get gear score depending on which level and how strong it is
- Socketing cards give you direct gear score depending on which card is socketed
- Some CS Fashion like for example the Almighty Set, Cloaks or Masks give you percentage Gear Score

Now we come to the equipment.
- Depending on which item you own, the item has a base item score.

set parts
- When distributing to set parts, upgrades amount to 30% of the maximum item score. Awakes, on the other hand, take the remaining 70%.

- It's a little different for weapons.
-- You can't adjust 30% of the maximum item score and depends on the Rarity Tier.
-- 15% is affected by the upgrade
-- Another 15% decides whether the item is Ultimate or not.
-- The remaining 40% will go back to the awakes.

- With the rings it is quite simple, full 100% go to the upgrade
- Set jewelry will get an additional 50% on the Base Item Score

- Players can score a maximum of 5,000 or 6,000 (with CS Fashion) gear scores.
- An exact description how you can determine the gear score perfectly we will present shortly in the web wiki.

New: AlmiTec Shop
- In the AlmiTec Shop you will find unique items that you cannot find on the server, such as the Black Almighty Set.
- You need Devine Gemstones to purchase items from this shop. We will show you how to get them soon.

New: New effects
- As already with the Skill Soul Leech we have developed new effects for you, some will be available only at the next patch
- Collectorspeed +X%
- Increased Mythic Drop +X%
- Increased Drop +X%

- Lapiz Jewellery
- Some items displayed in the wiki but not available have been removed, in the future it will be adjusted further
- Black Almighty tokens were taken from the game

- The VIP status does not give G.S any more
- GearScore was reworked & rebalanced
- All dungeons have been adapted to the new gear score, as well as the complete drops in dungeons.
- The teleporter has been adapted to the new dungeons and the gear score

publish date: 25.01.2019, 16:31

Patchlog 1.1

publish date: 22.12.2018, 02:00

Hotfix 1.4

- Droprate from Volcano,Savage Wilds,Aminus,Cursed Aminus adjusted. It's finally worth to run it on Guild Mythic+!
- Blockrate from all Dungeons adjusted.
- Added Hot Ddukguk to Almighty Coins Shop. Price:20 Almighty Coins(bearbeitet)
- General Mount Speed increased by 0.3
- Mounts can now be viewed in the Wiki
- If you kill a Giant that is on the same level or higher, a Scroll of Dungeon Point (1p) will be sent directly to your inventory! Requires character level 60 or higher!
- Gave All users 20 Dungeon Points as compensation for the miserable drop rate.

best regards
Almighty FlyFF

publish date: 17.12.2018, 06:22

Patchlog 1.0

- A bug with the FTool has been fixed.
- If you press the 1,2,3 key in the v15 taskbar, the FTool is automatically updated to the slot of the respective bar.
- On the v19 taskbar you have to press shift + key 1,2,3 to switch the bars so that the FTool adapts to the bar and is capped to 5 taskbars.
- Players who have reached the Max level and kill monsters that are slightly lower (2 levels) still get 100% Penya.
- You can now activate Sunstones, Moonstones via the taskbar to upgrade faster.
- Fixed a bug in the map display (players who are not on the map are no longer displayed).
- Fixed a bug in the Max / Min Item Score display.
- We have added a limit of 150 items in the buyback. As soon as the limit is exceeded, the first items will be deleted.
- Dungeon Boss monsters can no longer stuck into objects (no matter how fast they might be).
- Fixed bug where buff pets could not buff.
- The DPS display has been slightly adjusted. Players who do not attack for more than 20 seconds will be removed from the display.
- The description of the Dungeon Overview has been edited so that new players can better see which mode does what.
- Removed Soul Link from Black Sets
- Savage Wilds Boss Speed Decreased.
- Luzaka,Royal,Ancient Knuckles changed to Assist so Ringmaster can wear them also for 1o1.
- Psykeeper skill (Spirit Bomb) damage decreased.
- Psykeeper general damage changed from 4.5 to 4.0
- Droprate from Savage Wilds increased.
- Damage from Psykeeper to Mentalist fixed.
- Sanpres Boss Damage decreased.
- Blockrate of Wilds/Savage Wilds decreased.

best regards
Almighty FlyFF

publish date: 15.12.2018, 18:55